Selected Research Themes

Adoption of prosocial Technology

One pathway for transition to a clean economy is the wide spread adoption of pro social technologies; i.e. technologies with positive values for others rather than the adopter. We study the adoption of such a technology by building a virtual power plant.

Design and evaluation of Industrial Policy

Industrial policy in the form of targeted support for specific sectors or technologies enjoys a renaissance. But which sectors exactly should be supported? I argue that governments should identify existing market failures and use industrial policy to correct these if no other tools are available. The most obvious market failure relevant to this are differences in knowledge spillovers from different technologies. I develop the idea over a number of different reports and papers including:

Evaluation of Climate Change Policy

Does climate policy do what it says on the tin?

What determines the direction of innovation?

Innovation is the key driver of economic growth. However, not all technologies generate the same externalities. Therefore it is important to know the flavour of innovation in addition to the quantity.

The causes and consequence of online mis-information

There is no doubt much dis-information on social media. However, does this make any difference for tangible and relevant outcomes such as who wins elections or who gets infected in a pandemic?